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The Influence of the Wal-Mart Acquisition of Asda on the United Kingdom Supermarket Industry
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This 10 page dissertation style paper considers the influence that Wal-Mart will have in the United Kingdom as a result of its purchase of Asda. The paper starts by considering the industry prior to the take-over, and the way it was projected to develop. The paper then look at the impact the new management of Asda have had on the industry directly and indirectly. These influences can be seen as impacting on customers, suppliers, competitors and society in general. The paper also argues that the industry had been permanently changed due to this event. The bibliography cites 10 sources.
Filename: TEsprmkt.wps

The Knowledge Based Economy in Singapore
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This 12 page paper examines the knowledge based economy, explaining what it is and why it is so important in terms of global competitiveness. The writer then goes on to consider how what the policies of Singapore have been to establish themselves as leaders in this sector and how successful those policies have been. This is ascertained by comparisons with other countries as well as the improvement in the countries own economy. The bibliography cites 20 sources.
Filename: TEkbesin.wps

The Reasons for Regional Variation of House Prices in the UK
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This 10 page paper considers the influences that are seen to have an effect on house process and how these vary between the regions. The paper looks at this from the perspective of supply and demand, with the higher demand areas suffering disproportionate increases in house process. The writer then uses this information to cross reference with different factors such as regional income, productivity and unemployment levels in order to demonstrate how prices are determined and why there are regional price variations. The bibliography cites 5 sources.
Filename: TEhousep.rtf

The Rediscovery Of The Human / The New Physicality In Late Medieval Art & Literature
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A comprehensive, 60 page thesis paper on the transition between what has come to be called in the art field the Romanesque & Gothic periods. The writer asserts, first, that a similar distinction is also present in the literature, and that the Gothic spirit is actually a rediscovery of the physical which had been lost due to the Christian Church's obsession with the spiritual alone. It is ultimately concluded that the transformation of vision that occurred in late medieval ages was the movement from a culture obsessed with becoming divine to a culture more at home in its own humanity. Bibliography lists more than 25 sources.
Filename: Artthes.rtf

Total Quality Management; Why is it so Successful?
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This 40 page paper is a comprehensive examination of TQM and why it is so successful. The writer’s hypothesis states that TQM is so successful because it manages to balance people, including employees and customers, with processes with even the process embodying motivation theory the empowerment of employees. The paper starts with the theory by looking at what is meant by TQM and its origins and then considers how it motivates employees, how it considers customers and process. The writer then looks at examples of its use, including Six Sigma, (a TQM tool) and SERVQUAL. Numerous companies are cited throughout the paper to illustrate the points raised. The bibliography cites 22 sources.
Filename: TEtotqul.rtf

Triangulation and Other Methodologies of Data Evaluation;
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This 30 page paper looks at the different methods of data evaluation available to researchers. Triangulation is considered and then compared to other methodologies such as meta analysis and evaluation research. Throughout the discussion the various sub categories of research are examined and explained. The final part of the paper uses a hypothetical study to show the way in which the different research method may be of use, and how despite the different categories they actually overlap a great deal. The bibliography sites 17 sources.
Filename: TEtriang.wps

Wal-Mart and their Expansion into Germany; Problems and Advice
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This 40 page paper examines the company Wal-Mart and the problems it is having entering the German Market. The writer begins by looking at the company background and strategy, along with its' core competencies. The paper also considers the problems that the company may face, with the lack of ability to gain a first mover advantage and the entering into a market where there is already a strong competitive environment. The writer then considers the differences the company may face due to the divergent economy framework of the country and the social structure. The paper considers the capital structure of the company, and then considers how capital could be raised, before suggesting ways in which market share may be increased by creating customer loyalty. Lessons from other companies in other industries are applied to the case, and solutions are offered thought the paper. The bibliography cites 25 sources.
Filename: TEwalger.wps

Women Are Underutilized In The Labor Force In Taiwan: Tutorial
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A 60 page research paper. This is a tutorial paper for a research study investigating the titled topic. The paper also includes the degree of gender discrimination in education, work and in the society, including the violence women face continually. Subheadings include: Introduction, Research Questions, Definitions, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, Analysis and Conclusion. The theses and themes are that the equal educational opportunity and the equal pay for equal work laws are violated. Gender equality does not exist in this nation. This is a hypothetical study but real statistics are included based on other studies. As a tutorial, numerous suggestions are provided for the student's own paper. 5 tables are included. 3 Appendices are included. Bibliography lists 36 sources.
Filename: PGtaiwn.msw

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