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Papers On Shakespeare
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Hamlet / Appearance and Illusion Vs. Reality
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An 11 page paper describing the decrepancies between appearance or illusion vs. reality in Shakespeare's play "Hamlet." The writer attempts to show the conflict that develops as the title character attempts to relate his own ideas about reality with the illusions of reality that appear throughout the play. Bibliography lists 15 sources.
Filename: Hamletil.wps

Hamlet / Hearing Is Believing
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The appearance of the ghost of Hamlet's father and importance of his revelation are echoed through out the play by Shakespeare's use of the words 'hear' and 'ear' as well as other symbolism about conversation, revelations and oration. This 5 page paper provides an overview of the basic segments of Hamlet that demonstrate the use of words related to the sense of hearing, and demonstrates the implications for the truth that Hamlet defines and his course of action represented by his seeming madness. No additional sources cited.
Filename: Hamhear.wps

Hamlet : Death to the Third
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(5 pp) When thinking about the characters that die in Shakespeare's play Hamlet, we start counting by who is left standing, rather than who expires. Hamlet is the pivotal factor for all deaths; yet is appropriate to say that he "caused" any of them, or even his own? This discussion will explore the historic relationships of the characters (Claudius, Gertrude, Ophelia) and attempt some conclusions about their influence on the death of Hamlet.
Filename: Bbham3R.doc

Hamlet adaptation and explanation
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A 17 page research paper that begins with an short original adaptation of Shakeskpeare's Hamlet. Set in the present day, the writer explores the way that Hamlet and Ophelia might interact under today's social influences. Then the writer offers an explanation of why the adaptation took this particular form, using it to extrapolate on Elizabethan society and how societal standards affected the structure of Hamlet. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: khhamada.wps

Hamlet and Beowulf as Heroes
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A 5 page essay that contrasts and compares Hamlet and Beowulf as heroes. To do this, the writer draws on the definition of "hero" as outlined by Joseph Campbell. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: khhbhero.wps

Hamlet And Laertes
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On the surface, Hamlet and Laertes, from the play by William Shakespeare, are very similar in disposition and modes of behavior. One would think that the level of similarities would bring them together, however, during the course of the play, the two are seen as opposed rather than as compatriots. This 2 page paper explores the relationship between the two characters. No additional sources are listed.
Filename: KThamlat.wps

Hamlet and Ophelia -- Cross Gender Madness
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This 5 page report discusses Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and compares the degrees of madness experienced by both the characters of Hamlet and Ophelia. It may have been the appearance of madness that truly drove both characters crazy. They may have also been driven insane by all the evil and treachery surrounding them. Of course, Hamlet pays heavily for creating the madness distraction but still not as ultimate a price as that paid by Ophelia. No secondary sources.
Filename: BWopham.wps

Hamlet and Ophelia as "Seekers of Truth"
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(5 pp) The two-part question for our discussion is first, Hamlet's relationship with Ophelia, and then second who is responsible for Ophelia's death. Then we will make some possible conclusions about the relationship of truth and death in this tragedy by Shakespeare.
Filename: BBhamoph.doc

Hamlet and Revenge
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A 5 page paper which traces the use of words "revenge" and "vengeance" in Shakespeare's "Hamlet." No additional sources cited.
Filename: RAhmlt6.rtf

Hamlet and the Dramatic Structure
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A 9 page paper which first defines the classic dramatic structure and then demonstrates how Shakespeare's Hamlet fits the pattern. After discussing what type of action belongs in each phase of the dramatic structure -- setup, complication, climax, and resolution -- the paper shows where each of these occurs in Hamlet. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: Dramatic.wps

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